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How to sleep better and have a deep and restful sleep

A correct rest is key to a healthy lifestyle, and is that it is one of the 4 most important pillars for a healthy life, along with food, sports and emotional state. These 4 pillars must be in harmony for everything to go well. In today's article you will learn what factors influence our rest and how we can improve that.


The importance of sleeping well goes far beyond the mere fact of feeling with more or less energy, and is that rest is necessary for our body to function properly. Resurge Supplement Review

To give a few examples, lack of rest can produce:

• Fatigue

• Increased cortisol, with the endless list of problems that this entails

• Decreased testosterone and growth hormone

• Loss of muscle mass

• Increased fat gain

• Increased abdominal fat gain (due to cortisol)

• Weakening of the immune system

• Reduced libido

• Much more…

Knowing this, it is clear that sleeping well and having a restful sleep is very important for all facets of life.

It is easy to guess that we need sleep, but do you know what factors influence that we cannot rest well?


The circadian rhythm or our sleep cycle can be distorted due to a multitude of factors, some of the most important are:

1. Stress and nerves

2. Night exposure to artificial lights

3. Night training (not everyone is affected, but some people training too late makes it difficult to sleep)

4. Dine too late

5. Nutritional deficits (Magnesium, vitD ...)

6. Our body is strongly marked by biological cycles of light, we are activated by seeing sunlight and we generate melatonin at nightfall. However, at dusk and staying in bright spaces, looking at the phone, etc ... our brain does not understand that it has grown dark, and the production of melatonin is delayed and becomes very inefficient.

7. At this point it is very important to reduce the light of the home as much as possible, and for this we will prioritize dim and warm lights, such as the fire in a fireplace, candles or the typical salt lamps.

8. For electronic devices, we have mobile apps, such as Twilight, which blocks blue lights and gives a warm, reddish touch to the screen. For the PC there is F.lux.


10. Eating carbohydrates at night is not fattening, if we do not abuse. We know that insulin sensitivity at night is worse, which means that carbohydrate tolerance is better during the day, however we also know that there are higher levels of tryptophan and leptin (involved in reconciling sleep and rhythm circadian) after carbohydrate intake, as well as cortisol decrease.

11. This means that a carbohydrate binge at night is not a great idea due to the worse tolerance in those hours, but a little potato, rice, etc ... it does help to improve sleep and reduce cortisol.

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