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premature ejaculation Home remedies

A good home remedy for premature ejaculation is saw palmetto, also known as saw palmetto powder, as it helps prevent premature ejaculation while increasing sexual desire. For this, 1 tablespoon of saw palmetto powder should be placed in a glass of water, mixed and taken 2 times a day. This home remedy should be used to complete the medical treatment of premature ejaculation and that is why it is recommended to consult a urologist before using it.

Micropenis (small penis): what it is, how much it measures and treatment

Micropenis, also called a small penis, is a rare condition in which a man is born with a penis that is much smaller than the average size, being less than 2.5 cm when flaccid. In these cases, the testicles are considered normal in size and the penis works normally, only its size is different.

Although it does not cause health problems, the micropenis is a situation that usually causes a lot of anxiety, especially during adolescence and adulthood, and it may be necessary to accompany a psychologist.

In most cases, the man manages to have a satisfactory sex life and, therefore, does not need treatment. However, in cases of infertility or that the man feels ashamed of himself, hormone treatments or surgery are available to try to increase the size of the penis.

Why happens

Although genetic mutations may be at the origin of the micropenis, the majority of cases are due to a pronounced decrease in testosterone production during the second or third trimester during pregnancy.

Testosterone is the most important hormone for the sexual development of boys and, therefore, when it is deficient, the penis does not manage to develop properly, remaining smaller than normal.

Treatment options

One of the first options for micropenis treatment is testosterone replacement, especially when testosterone levels are decreased in the body. This type of treatment can be started in childhood and adolescence, and some young people may have a penis that is considered normal in size.

However, when treatment fails, the doctor may advise the use of other types of growth hormone.

When treatment is carried out during adulthood, the use of testosterone and hormones may not give the expected results and, for this reason, reconstruction surgery and penile augmentation , for example , may be recommended .

In addition to that, there are also exercises and vacuum pumps that promise to increase the size of the penis, however, the result is usually not as expected, having little impact on the visual appearance of the penis. See in more detail what to do to enlarge the penis .

How to improve intimate contact

Intimate contact with a micropenis can give the same amount of pleasure as a relationship with a penis that is considered normal in size. For this, the man must focus his attention on other forms of pleasure such as oral sex and the use of hands or sex toys, for example.

Some of the best sexual positions to enhance pleasure in these cases are:

• Teaspoon : In this position, penetration is done with the other person lying on their side with their legs closed and slightly bent, as in the fetal position. This position helps create more rub during penetration, which can increase pleasure. In addition to that, man's hands are free to stimulate other parts of the body;

• 4 supports : this position allows the penis to penetrate more deeply, optimizing its size;

• Another person sitting on top: this position, as well as the 4-support position also helps to make the penetration deeper.

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