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Top 5 ways to increase your intellectual capacity

The best way to achieve success is to invest in yourself. Today, to scale positions at work and undertake you need to be updated. As you improve, you will improve your opportunities. The brain has no limits, so if you want to increase your intellectual and emotional capacity, you can start with the following.

Expand your horizons

New experiences that are outside your comfort area will make you see things differently. When you get out of the routine and activities that you are used to, your brain will work differently to adapt to the situation. Thus, it will create new cognitive pathways that can result in new skills. Expanding your horizons does not mean radically changing your life. You can start with simple things like using your nondominant hand to write or brush your teeth. You can also attend new places or exhibitions and read about topics you don't know.


Every successful company was born from a new idea and grew thanks to the creativity of its team. The more creative and imaginative you allow yourself to be, the more likely you are to generate innovative solutions in all areas of your life. Imagining will make you see new possibilities and opportunities. By getting out of your way of thinking, you will work other areas of your brain, changing your way of thinking.

Train your brain

Increasing your brainpower depends on keeping your brain active. Although your brain is never blank and without activity, routines and monotony make it stagnate and stay the same. The Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to create new neural connections and pathways. With greater neuroplasticity, your brain functions are thinner and faster. There are many applications designed to keep the brain active. For example, sudoku and puzzle games are the most recommended.


There will always be something that catches your interest and that you want to know more about. It is never too late to learn new skills and topics. In addition to staying updated in your work field, learning anything will give you personal satisfaction. Even if you study something that is not directly related to your daily work, in the long run that knowledge can be applied to something. This is one of the tips from the world's most famous and successful generalist experts.

Train your body

For many, physical exercise is irrelevant. However, physical exercise leads to maintaining and improving brain functions. The brain increases its ability to think when it is well oxygenated, which happens when exercising. When the brain has an oxygen boost, memory and concentration improve. In addition, the substances that the body produces when exercising reduce stress and depression.

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